The Man in the Moon


Smiling and giggling, the man in the moon stared down at the bright, green fields. His bulging eyes glittered brightly in the cold night sky.

The big, tall trees huddled together like twelve people cuddling.

by Charlie G


Slowly opening his crusty eyes, he moaned a yawn. When he eventually stopped yawning, he glanced at the trees. The trees swayed as if they were waving.

by Charlie S


The man in the moon beamed down at the overwhelming city, his face shining like a silver sun. He travelled the world at night. When dawn came he would move on. The stars twinkled like fireflies at their brightest. The moon and star’s reflection shimmered in a nearby lake.

by Sophie-Marie


The man in the moon opens his bulging eyes after his long slumber, lighting up the fields and making them shine like gold.His old wrinkly face has a nice feel to it. He talks to the trees all night long, as they sway to hear all of his words.

by Ben


With hesitation, the man in the moon awoke and looked down curiously at an empty patchwork field. His eyes blindly shining at it, a dim horizon began to glow as a slow creature flew in front of him.

by Sophie


The man in the moon woke up to the sound of tiny stars giggling. He stretched and yawned. His nose shone like plates that had been cleaned until you could see your face in them. He old man’s chin stuck out, and his face was like a dusty pizza.

by Ellen


The man in the moon stands still in the sky, his ancient eyes staring at the blanket fields. His nose twinkles in the dark, endless sky, watching the earth spin.

The stars shine like companions behind the silver moon. The emerald trees touch the sky like skyscrapers.

by Jack G


Frozen in the midnight sky stands the man in the moon. His eyes shining like stars. His wrinkly face smiles like the sun, and his round, white eyes stare at the green fields.

The tall green trees cuddle together like cold penguins.

by Jasmine


The howling yawns of the moon, as he opens his eyes, can blow people from America to Hong Kong. His rocky, cratered face is like a pizza

by Harry



  1. I love this page + I love harry’s

  2. on this page my fav is Jasmine’s

  3. I also like Bens

  4. Cool pic of the man in moon Where did you find it?

  5. There the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. who is Queen Stupid?

  7. you should put victoria’s on there!

  8. I LOVE YEAR 5555555555

  9. all of them rock.

  10. I love year555555555 it’s the best.

  11. I like my poem best but I do like everyones!

  12. Is there such thing as the man in the moon?

  13. I don’t Know ???

  14. I don’t know

  15. i like them all

  16. the blog is well cool ! yr5 is well cool

  17. I think jacks is cool

  18. Charlie gs is super

  19. thanks dangerous dog and who are you?

  20. thx Dangerous Dog

  21. Hey Jassa! I know who queen stupid is!!!

  22. Hay jazza i think i no who Queen stupid is i will tell at schoolo tomoro or when ever you reed this mesig. by the way i think Jazzs poem is fab.

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