Surfer Poems

A page of our brilliant surfing poems!Surfer


  1. The Crashing Waves

    The surfers are waiting eagerly like a bird watching it’s prey.
    Suddenly an enormous tunnelling wave grabs them like a giant’s fist.
    The excited surfers start to bob in the waves
    Starting to stand up above the world.
    The crashing waves slaughter the surfers.
    The shimmering, ice blue waves settle as the gleaming
    burning sun goes down.
    The surfers carry on surfing in the warm sea by the moon light.
    Not worried about the time. Not worried about anything.
    People leave but the surfers carry on.

    By Becky

  2. The Surfers!

    The shine of the surfer’s wet suit
    glimmered in the sun,
    waiting for the perfect time and wave
    to come upon him.

    The surfer jumped on his board
    and started crashing over the waves.
    The ice-cold water splashed him
    as he glided over the waves.

    As he surfed through the sea
    he crashed into the dagger-like rocks,
    piercing his only surfboard.

    By Connor

  3. The ice cold waves
    wash me into the distance,
    like a bird gliding,
    further and further,
    until nothing can be seen,
    but a crashing sea,
    glimmering like a crystal
    in the scorching sun.

    By Stevie

  4. I gobble up my sea opponents and spit them back out.
    For them it’s like a haunted house
    at the fairground.
    They shake and wobble.
    I am the king of the sea!
    I’m the wave!


  5. Surfers

    The sea sucks up the surfers
    and then spits them back out
    like a giant sponge.

    One of the surfers fell off his board
    like a shark jumping out of the water.

    Another dived under the wave
    like a seal showing off.

    They surf on the waves
    and almost get trapped
    by the cage-like wave,
    And finally they go home.

    By Jonas

  6. The sea and surf poem

    The loud sea makes big tunnels for the surfers to glide through.

    The smashing, bashing waves hold the surfers like something angry.

    Seaweed sticks to the surfboards and to the sand.

    The angry waves smash like terrifying sharks as the surfers slide through them.

    By Josie

  7. i lyke them poems their rely gd

  8. i like mine it relly gddd

  9. :O mine aint ther 😦

  10. I like the 1’s u choosen

  11. every1 sed my poem was on there

  12. hi mr powell in my poem a word is missing in between starting to – up above.

    (The excited surfers stand to bob in the waves starting to stanup above the world.)

  13. that souns fun why did u have to do it while i was at summer school

  14. I’ve fixed your poem Camo Queen, sorry about the typing error.

  15. cool mr. powell

  16. i want mine on there

  17. cud you put mine on

  18. Iam new still in year4 but I would like to say
    your poimes are looking brill.

  19. lights out.

    If I could go back the world would be beter, it wouldent be bernt to the ground.
    If I could go back I would chang the clocks, even you would be different.
    If I could go back the seas would not be poysend, nore black.
    If I had the power you would be with me, not with the dethals.

  20. Do you like my poim its the one just above.

  21. Good poems

  22. Loving the poems!!!!!!!

  23. Love the pomes you chose!!!

  24. I can’t wait to write one myself.I know who one of you is by the way!

  25. Ooh! I can’t wait anymore!:)

  26. I DID A FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Rocking poem Bunny fluff!

  28. why are the year 6 poemes still on there

  29. We’ll keep them here for a little while because they are so good!

  30. Are you going to take the Surfer Poems off because they are from the old yr 5?

  31. Good poem Bunny fluff!

  32. ( apart from the spellings. )

  33. nice poems

  34. good poem bunny fluff

  35. cool poems and cool picture

  36. these ar the best

  37. Hi


  38. Will we be doing them to

  39. I hope we do 🙂

  40. cool poemes

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