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Harvest Festival

Don’t forget, harvest festival is this Friday morning. Don’t forget to bring in your harvest contributions!

Posted by: year5ringmer | September 22, 2008

NASA Kid’s Club

Try this great space website – lots to play and explore! Click on this picture:

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Sixties Quiz!

Who are these famous people from the sixties? Please post your answers!






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Groovy Homework!

Please choose anything from the 1960s that you are interested in, and prepare a project on that subject. It could be fashion, the lunar landings, the World Cup, pop music, schools ….. it’s up to you!


You could make a model, paint a picture, make a book, make a PowerPoint presentation, write and perform a song, take some photographs …….. the choice is yours.


You will need to bring your project into school on Friday 17th October and be prepared to talk about it.

 This will also be our 1960s Celebration Day. Remember you will need a cool 1960s costume on this day!

Posted by: year5ringmer | July 17, 2008

Zone Leader Applications

Hello to the new year 5!

Please post your letters of application below!

Posted by: year5ringmer | July 10, 2008

Last homework of the year!

For your last homework this year, we would like you to write an introduction for your topic book.

The topic is called “Water, water, everywhere”.

You need to begin by welcoming your readers to your book, and then mentioning some of the work you have done. You could write about “The Drop in my Drink” and the descriptive writing you did about the stream, or maybe you could write about your superb surf poems. Don’t forget your PowerPoint stories, River System evaluations and the bridges.

Your introduction can be hand written or you can do it on a computer.

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3D River Systems

Posted by: year5ringmer | July 7, 2008

Last week

Well done and thank you to all the Year 5 pupils who designed and staffed their fantastic fun stalls at the Summer Fair on Friday evening. You were all great sports and have helped us to raise a lot of money for the school.

Also well done for participating so keenly in our sports day, and congratulations to the yellow team.

Last week’s multiplication challenge was particularly hard fought, with the top nine children all scoring 100 out of 100, and Rosie coming first again. Your knowledge of the times tables has improved hugely since the beginning of the year. Most weeks you now need to score 100% in less than six minutes to reach the top three!

Finally, a reminder, please bring your Going Green topic books into school as soon as possible!

Posted by: year5ringmer | July 2, 2008

Homework July 3rd 2008

We need your ideas! From September we would like to give our classes names. We had a really great discussion about this in class on Tuesday. You need to think of a theme, and then seven class names.

For example, we could name the classes after musical instruments, and have flute class, drum class, piano class etc. Don’t give your ideas to us, please post them on this blog! All classes will be thinking about this, and we would like lots of great ideas to choose from.

Also, please remember to get everything ready that you need for the Summer Fair. You will need to provide a float, prizes and everything else that will help your stall to raise lots and lots of money for our school. You will be given time to prepare your stalls and to make posters for them on Friday.


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