Here is a page on the 60’s with videos!

For All The Videos Go To http://otterclass.vodpod.com/

Marine Boy – The Nuclear Pirates (3 Parts)

Batman From the 60’s

Bill and Ben – in Black and White

Andy Pandy

The Wooden Tops

Pinky and Perky – Let’s Twist again

The Pogles – King of the Faries

Champion the wonderhorse

Belle and Sebastien

The Kinks – Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Moon Landing



  1. Aww… how cute! ad was born in 1966. Bet he knows some of these!

  2. Not ad! dad! sorry!

  3. My Mum loved the Wooden Tops!

  4. 1. What was the most populer Band.

  5. moon landings so cool

  6. Well done to the otters, these TV clips brought back lots of my childhood memories.

  7. Ive found a great website http://WWW.60s.com

  8. i like the song lets twist again i know the dance to it too

  9. man on moon is really cool,part of my project is on the man on the moon conspiracy.

  10. loved all the cool t.v programs

  11. On your website Firgies Man why does it have dating?

  12. Yes

    why is there dating on your website
    firgies man

  13. good website though

  14. i mean its a good website though

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