Posted by: year5ringmer | September 22, 2008

Sixties Quiz!

Who are these famous people from the sixties? Please post your answers!








  1. 1. twiggy
    2. john lennon
    3. john f kennady
    4. neil armstrong
    5.bobby moore

  2. Here you go:

    1. Twiggy
    2. ?
    3. Presadent Kenady
    4. Neil Armstrong
    5. Bobby More

  3. Well done so far – I’ll reveal the answers when more of you have had a go!

  4. 1: Twiggy
    2:John Lennon
    3:President John F Kennedy
    4:Neil Armstrong
    5:Bobby Moore

  5. so far I have enjoyd the otters class and it is verry enjoj so far.

  6. 1. Twiggy
    2. John lennon
    3. Presadent Kenady
    4. Neil Armstong
    5. Bobby more

  7. 1.twiggy
    2.John lennon
    3.j.f kennedy
    4.neil armstrong
    5.bobby moore

  8. 1. Twiggy
    2.John lennon
    3.president john kennedy
    4.neil armstrong
    5.Bobby more

  9. 1.Twiggy
    2.John Lennon
    3.John F kennady
    4.Neil armstrong
    5.Bobby more

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