Posted by: year5ringmer | September 22, 2008

Check out the links to some 1960s websites! Go to the swinging Sixties menu on the right.



  1. Axe Man found a cool Rolling Stones website. I’ve added it to the list. Check out the Rolling Stones timeline in the archive section of the website.

    By the way Axe Man, remember to post your comments in the correct section of our blog!

  2. Can’t belive I got 20 out of 20 on today’s math test! Still have gold star for 2 weeks running!

  3. I found Cliff richards official website- it even has music on! I’ll get you the address year5ringmer- wait a sec!

  4. It’s

  5. Hey, froggieorinj you don’t have to boast about the gold star!!

  6. Wow! Cool albom cover!!!

    I love the Beatles!!!!

  7. I LOVE SCHOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. I love the betlles to !!!

  9. Hi Froggieorinj you came 8th this time in the tables test soz

    Top three:

    1. Sopie-Marie
    2. Charlie Gw
    3. Rohan

    Soz, I hope you retain your top position next week !!

  10. I am rubish at the tables challange frogieorinj

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