Posted by: year5ringmer | July 10, 2008

Last homework of the year!

For your last homework this year, we would like you to write an introduction for your topic book.

The topic is called “Water, water, everywhere”.

You need to begin by welcoming your readers to your book, and then mentioning some of the work you have done. You could write about “The Drop in my Drink” and the descriptive writing you did about the stream, or maybe you could write about your superb surf poems. Don’t forget your PowerPoint stories, River System evaluations and the bridges.

Your introduction can be hand written or you can do it on a computer.


  1. oh man i loved doing this topic

    i will mis doing all this river homw work

  2. r we aloud pics on r intro”s mr p

  3. Yes pictures would be great.

  4. Mr powell i’m confused if i write 3d can i write it as 3d or do i have to write 3 dimentional?

  5. hi im back did u miss me ? i have bin quite bisy so i only cane up with a fue

    6:lether back trtals

  6. oh soz put it on the ring page but i like the home work this week

  7. Hi Camo Queen, you can write 3D or 3 dimensional – it doesn’t matter!

  8. does it have to be in by tuesday/monday

  9. Hi Rusty 94. The introduction needs to be done by Tuesday so it can be stuck in your topic book.

  10. Thanks mr. powell saves me being frazzled

  11. mr p wat was tht thingy called was it something lyk corriflute?

  12. soz but my name came up differently dunoo y

  13. soz mr p but my name came out different

  14. :O soz tht came out twiuce

  15. hello stevie has been moaning about his homwork for ages so he is glad that it is over

  16. i made one up 4 sis

  17. this has been the 😦 best 😦 class 😦 ever!:(:(:(:(:(:( but i hav 2 move on πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  18. sis bean is me

  19. Thank you

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