Posted by: year5ringmer | July 7, 2008

Last week

Well done and thank you to all the Year 5 pupils who designed and staffed their fantastic fun stalls at the Summer Fair on Friday evening. You were all great sports and have helped us to raise a lot of money for the school.

Also well done for participating so keenly in our sports day, and congratulations to the yellow team.

Last week’s multiplication challenge was particularly hard fought, with the top nine children all scoring 100 out of 100, and Rosie coming first again. Your knowledge of the times tables has improved hugely since the beginning of the year. Most weeks you now need to score 100% in less than six minutes to reach the top three!

Finally, a reminder, please bring your Going Green topic books into school as soon as possible!



  1. At least the greens did’t win this year the yellows took there crown away from them well done everyone this is crazy chic reporting for camo queen ( i’m @ her house)

  2. The Summer Fair Was Fun. I Think I Am Getting Better At Times Tables. I Like Times Tables.

  3. i know the summer fair waz awesome
    and i say as well well done yellow team green team finally out of the league 😉
    i have brung in my topic book 🙂


  4. :O oh yeah Mr O’donnell luved our stoll i think he spent £2 on it X3

  5. i think the the classes could be named as vehicles

    [reception] mini
    [year1] motorcycle
    [year2] ford
    [year3] farari
    [year4] porsh

  6. i think the classes should be named of different countrys
    reception italy
    yr1 turkey
    yr2 spain
    yr3 france
    yr4 america
    yr5 austrailia
    yr6 greece

  7. smilysmurf gd one mine sports but havnt relly worked out wat year to but in but i hav got a tvprogram ones and tv programs

    recption. ?
    yr3. shawn the sheep
    yr4 torchwood
    yr5 doctor who
    yr6 top gear ( i like so i put as yr6 lol)

  8. lol rosie should let someone else be no.1 wawa hehe

  9. MR P U ROCK I WANT 2 HAV U NEXT YR OHH AND mrs goldsmith soz hehe

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