Posted by: year5ringmer | June 26, 2008

A Creative Week in Year 5!

It’s been a very creative week! We started by looking closely at our local area on an Ordnance Survey map, and carefully traced the course of the River Ouse. Our next job was to learn the parts of a river, and then to design and make a 3D diagram of a river system using cardboard, papier-mache and paint. I’ll post some pictures when they’re finished. (Remember your aprons!)

On Wednesday Ringmer Primary entered the district sports competition. Connor, Jade, Jake, Ryan, Bradleigh, Jonas, Rosie, Sophie and Noah represented Year 5 admirably and helped our school to a very respectable third place out of six schools.

Congratulations to Rosie who won our Tables Challenge this week.

There will be a lot going on next week. We will be holding our first ever inter-team Striking and Fielding Tournament on Monday afternoon, and Sports Day is on Thursday morning. Don’t forget your PE kit! And don’t forget to have your stall prepared for the Summer Fair on Friday evening.



  1. well DONE rosie for winning the times table challenge I was rubbish I havent got into the top 10 yet

  2. I can’t wait till sports day!

  3. i dont want to do the rounders thing i hate sports !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. cool school fair for got agm 2 moz to maybe get trophy

  5. cool school fair for got agm 2 moz to maybe get trophy ??? wat does it … dosent matter

  6. can all da peeps in ma group 4 da summer faiir get sweets plz

  7. hey guys look wat i found out on the website river and coasts The bottom of the channel is called the bed and the sides of the channel are called the banks.

  8. hi every one i would justn ke to say good luck to the new year 5 and i hope you like the teachers

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