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Homework June 26th 2008



Length in km

Countries passed through






























The World’s Major Rivers

Use books or the internet to research famous rivers. Copy and complete the table above. Please post useful websites for others to use.

Click on this picture, and explore the BBC website all about rivers and coasts.  Please post your comments about anything you learn from the site.

Finally, spelling!! Have a go at this spelling challenge. You will need to read the four steps before you begin. Click on this picture to start:

 BBC Spellits



  1. I found a realy cool website for the river nile type in What continent is the river nile in? then click 1st on result list. and it even has a map

  2. Thanks Camo Queen. I found your website on The River Nile, and I’ve added it to the Homework Help list on the right.

  3. this homework was funny on the spelling challage and the graphed was a little bit hard.

  4. hello do we have 2 fill up the gaps by findin other majoir rivers

  5. Smileysmurf, look at the headings for each column so you know what you need to find out to complete the table.

  6. i cant copy and past it

  7. found this

  8. Thanks for your website Prittyinpink – it’s the same one Camo Queen found! But it is very useful – well done. I’ve tried copying the homework table and pasting it onto Word – it works for me. try highlighting it, right-clicking and selecting copy.

  9. i cant find eny thing on rushn ons or astralan ones

  10. type in: WORLD RIVER LIST to google it gives u all info on rivers

  11. That Table thing was really tricky

  12. i enjoyed doing this homework but if only i handed it in on time 😦

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