Posted by: year5ringmer | June 18, 2008

Homework 19th June

Science Clips Changing State

Click on the Science Clips link to go to the website. Complete the activity and the quiz.

Answer the following questions in your homework book:

  1. What happens during evaporation?
  2. At what temperature does ice melt?
  3. When does a gas condense into a liquid?

Next week you will be making 3D models of river systems. Please bring in some old cardboard that you can use. Thicker card is best. Shredded paper will also be useful!



  1. when will we get her homework book back

  2. I’ll get your books back to you tomorrow.

  3. when does it hav 2 be in?

  4. Homework is always for the following Tuesday unless we tell you otherwise.

  5. i have got this massive big box dat came with my telly and we have got loads of shreaded paper aswell

  6. right my mom brought all the boxes we hade to the tip last week so we have no boxes but we have loads of shreaded pepper !!

  7. That Homework was fun

  8. soz paper

  9. aint got any shreeded paper may have boxes due

  10. i will bring my boxes in

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