Posted by: year5ringmer | June 12, 2008

Homework 12th June 2008

Where is it?

A research homework this week. Shortly we will be designing and constructing bridges in DT. We’d like you to find photographs of different types of bridges. Check out the websites on the right!




  1. do we realy have to do homwork

  2. can u take pics of bridges from r own camera.

  3. I think taking your own photos is a great idea Crazychic – go for it!

  4. hiyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. when do we get this home work??

  6. check out the bridges at\articles\longest-bridges

  7. i dont feel like homework !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but this website is cool About.comCaliforniaTravel its a good web page !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HOMEWORK :(:'(:(:'(:(

  8. 😦

  9. Well done Coolsocks and Fox Face for finding some websites. I’ll add Fox Face’s to our lists, but sorry Coolsocks, I can’t access the california one. Do you have its URL?

  10. thanks

  11. 🙂

  12. year5ringmer …its

  13. thats a good web page aswell actually its better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  14. Thanks Coolsocks! The Golden Gate website is great. I went there in 1998 and was amazed how beautiful it is. I’ll have to dig out my photos! But I still can’t get on your other website – my computer doesn’t like it! 😦

  15. hey i dont get it wat we hav 2 doo

  16. year5ringmer can you change the pics please ??????????????????????

  17. Maybe tomorrow Coolsocks. By the way, make sure that your comments are relevant to the post you submit them to please.

  18. ok mr p

  19. When we came back from holiday in Wales last year we stopped off at Ironbridge Gorge and saw the iron bridge and also went to the museam and victorin town

  20. i was just sufing and i found theshttp://www.nirelan

  21. i whent ther on holliday to meat my buddys in the toun underit it was so coll

  22. Thanks for your websites Prittyinpink. I’ll add them to the list.

    Thanks for your interesting comment Dan Heman007. Could you tell us more about your visit to Ironbridge?

  23. i dont know if you all ready have this year5ringmer But Heres Adress 🙂

  24. ???? when do we get this homework is it this weeekend (plz say no!)

  25. MR P i found this awesome web but i 4got it 😦

  26. do we have to find pics or infomation or both ??

  27. Hi Randomtiggs99. Pictures are definitely needed, but information would be good too. We are going to start designing and building our bridges on Monday, so it would be good to look at some real bridges to inspire us.

  28. i read your message and i will find some pics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 🙂


  30. Year5ringmer i’m Really Cunfuzzled About This HomeWork
    Is There Any Thing We Have To Do For Tuesday???

  31. mr p i cant get any pics of bridges up on my computer! what should i do????

  32. Hubbabubba, you need to bring in some bridge pictures by tuesday, but Monday would be useful if you can.

    Pinkhorses, have you tried the Homework Help links to websites?

  33. do we have to find pics ???????????/
    does it have to be in by monday or tuesday

  34. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i get it now 😉
    so i have to find sominfo and pics of bridges????

  35. all i need now is to get accsess to my brothers printer and then i can print my homework.

  36. hi evrey1 did u no that cliftion susption bridge wos Completed in 1864 and its 26 meters hi and 214 meteres long

    The Confederation Bridge (French: Pont de la Confédération) is a bridge spanning the Abegweit Passage of Northumberland Strait, linking Prince Edward Island with mainland New Brunswick, Canada. It was commonly referred to as the “Fixed Link” by residents of Prince Edward Island prior to its official naming. Construction took place from the fall of 1993 to the spring of 1997, costing $1.3 billion. The 12.9-kilometre (8 mi) long bridge opened on 31 May 1997.

    I got this info from the cool websites at the side they r brill check yhem out

  37. The Ironbridge was the first Ironbridge it was built by Abraham Darby in 1779. I also saw the furness that made the iron for the bridge.

  38. I think the blog site is a really good idea, especially to encourage and support homework, as sometimes homework information mysteriously disappears!!!!!!!!

  39. Thanks Crazychick for all the bridge research – I’m glad you like the websites!
    Thank you Dantheman007 for the extra information about the Ironbridge.

  40. Wow crazychic awesome i’ll put tht in ma homew0rk next time

  41. my printer has ink agin yopppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:) 😛

  42. I Think they measure rivers with a long long long tape measurer lol 😉

  43. i think they measure rivers with ummmm …………… oh yeah is it when they biuld it they make it a prcise lengh they want??

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